“At Swedev, a deep sense of pride runs through everything we do. As a family-owned company, we’ve pushed the boundaries of doctor blade technology for decades, and the results are evident in the success of our customers. We’re especially proud to partner with printers and distributors who understand the true value of Swedcut® since 1985. They’re more than just partners; they’re like family, extending our commitment to quality and innovation across the printing industry. I’m proud of our work, and even more proud of the family we’ve built along the way.”

For almost 40 years, Swedcut® doctor blades have been a testament to quality and expertise in the printing industry. We don’t just talk precision; we also deliver measurable results. Swedcut® doctor blades help printers achieve sharper prints, faster production speeds, and reduced waste and downtime.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation has led to pioneering advancements in doctor blade technology. We take pride in our premium Swedish steel blades, crafted to meet the high standards expected by professionals, and we combine practical craftsmanship with expertise for a consistently superior printing experience.

This commitment to innovation continues. At drupa, we’ll unveil a revolutionary new doctor blade that surpasses even our own achievements in terms of blade endurance.


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he Swedcut® H7 is a perfect choice for rotogravure applications when using abrasive inks.
Swedcut® H9 doctor blade is developed for flexo printing to reduce downtime and improve productivity.
Microkote G is Swedevs most popular coated printing blade with its superb printing results and blade life.