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H9 Plus
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H9 Plus

Introducing the all-new Swedcut® H9 Plus coated Doctor blade: engineered to enhance your printing experience, even with abrasive inks and lacquers. Designed for excellence in both flexo and gravure applications, the Swedcut® H9 Plus offers an extended lifespan without compromising on print quality.

Our most durable doctor blade yet

Swedcut® H9 Plus is made of remelted Swedish ESR steel and enhanced with our exclusive H9 coating. This unparalleled combination ensures that the Swedcut® H9 Plus stands as our most enduring blade yet. Less maintenance. Better quality.

Impeccable performance in white ink, lacquers, and metallics, even in long runs and high speeds.
Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
Consistent printing results with enhanced blade stability

Key features and info

  • Impeccable performance with white ink and lacquers
  • Reliable even during long, high-speed runs
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Consistent printing results with enhanced blade stability
  • Made from high-quality tool steel
  • Features a nickel-phosphorus/ceramic composite coating

Advantages of using the new H9 Plus doctor blade

Extended Blade Life
The combination of remelted Swedish ESR-steel and advanced coating gives H9 Plus exceptional durability, reducing the frequency of blade changes.

Cost Reduction
The reduced need for blade changes, minimized downtime, and significantly decreased waste contribute to lower production costs and increased efficiency.

Superior Print Quality
The design of the H9 Plus ensures cleaner and more consistent prints. Specifically, H9 Plus prevents stripes caused by ink pigment accumulation behind the blade, leading to higher quality output.

Advantages of using the new H9 Plus doctor blade

Synchronized Blade Changes
By integrating H9 Plus into your printing setup, particularly in the white ink deck alongside MicroNox® II, M-Flex® Plus, or H7 blades in the process ink decks, you can streamline and synchronize blade changes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Increased Productivity
With fewer interruptions for blade replacements, the H9 Plus enhances overall productivity in your printing operations.

Dependable Performance
The Swedcut® range of doctor blades upholds a legacy of consistent quality, guaranteeing stable and reliable production. With H9 Plus, you can continue to rely on this tradition, maintaining high standards and minimizing disruptions in your printing processes.

Quality you can count on, every time

With Swedcut®, you can always rely on consistent results, delivered on time, every time. Our blades are forged from the finest Sandvik steel, ensuring the same quality with every batch. Unparalleled performance, time and time again.

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