Why Swedcut

Swedish steel has exceptionally high quality. We can completely rely on its strength, which makes it possible for us to deliver precision made, high-class products under the SWED/CUT® brand year after year. Swedev has developed a patented surface coating method in cooperation with highly demanding printers. The coating reduces friction and increases the blade lifetime.


6 reasons to choose SwedCut®

Outstanding Performance
All SWED/CUT® doctor blades are made of high performance material and are designed to eliminate common print defects. With SWED/CUT® blades you will get an excellent printing result as well as high wear resistance and the excellent material in SWED/CUT® blades will even reduce anilox wear.
Global Delivery
Over 98% of our production is exported. Our sales and distribution network covers more than 85 countries across the world. Our representatives maintain a high level of service and competence in offering cost-efficient high quality solutions in order to get the very best printing results.
Swedish Steel
The SWED/CUT® doctor blades are made of genuine Swedish steel and it´s the steel that makes the difference. Highest quality Swedish steel that provides 100% performance - strip after strip.
Longer Running Time
A SWED/CUT® blade used in a proper way will help you achieve longer running time
More Economical
The SWED/CUT® blades will help you achieving an efficient and waste free production
Long-term and Sustainable Development
SWEDEV AB is committed to long-term and sustainable development by offering and developing products and services with the least possible internal and external environmental impact.

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Our distributor network covers more than 85 countries across the world.