Prevent waste before it happens

Is it true that high-quality printing doctor blades generate lower costs? Yes, that’s how it works. You probably already know that high-quality doctor blades come with many benefits. But did you know that one of them is better profitability?

You, as a buyer, often choose between different printing doctor blades, and which blades you choose is often determined by the price per meter or unit price. But choosing the lowest price is not always the most profitable in the long run.

Printing press with printing Swedcut printing doctor blades


Downtime equals large costs

What costs the most is when the printing press is at a standstill due to prematurely worn-out doctor blades. The downtime causes, among other things, material waste, cleaning time, blade replacement, printing press reboot, calibration, and extra personnel costs. Factors that you can prevent by investing in high-quality printing doctor blades.

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So – in conclusion, eliminate unnecessary expenses and maximize profitability – prevent waste before it happens.

3 things to consider when choosing blades

  • Whether the blades are to run long or short runs
  • Which material to print on
  • Which color to print with – remember white inks is abrasive.

If you are unsure which blade to choose, contact us!