MicroKote G
Wear resistance
Printing quality
Corrosion resistance

MicroKote G

Microkote G is Swedevs most popular coated printing blade with its superb printing results and blade life. It has also shorter run-in time compared to Microkote S.

The Microkote G helps you eliminate print defects like haze, streaks and drag-outs. It’s a ideal choice for rotogravure printing.


Coated alloyed carbon steel blade, with very small and evenly distributed carbides
No break-in time and perfect results at increasing speeds
Helps you eliminate print defects like haze, streaks and drag-outs
An ideal choice for rotogravure applications

Edge selection guide

Lamella Edge
We recommend this edge in gravure printing due to its great wiping abilities which provides excellent printing results.
Bevel Edge
An alternative for rotogravure printing due to its combination of printing performance and long lifetime.
Radius Edge
In rotogravure printing this edge is not commonly used but all our doctor blades are available in radius edge.
The best things about SWED/CUT MicroKote G

MicroKote G - our top performer for 20 years


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