Beige color pattern
Doctor blade H9 for gravure printing
Wear resistance
Printing quality
Corrosion resistance


Swedcut® H7 is our solution for outstanding combination of printing results and the highest level of wear resistance. The special coating provides decreased friction which greatly increases performance.

The big benefits with the Swedcut® H7 is that it prevents particulate sticking and tolerates very high speed. Swedcut® H7 durable characteristics make the blade a perfect blade for long running times.

The Swedcut® H7 is a perfect choice for both flexographic and rotogravure applications when using abrasive inks.

Enhanced coating combined with Swedcut® alloyed carbon steel
Prevents particulate sticking and tolerates very high speeds
Highest level of wear resistance for longer blade life
An excellent choice when using abrasive inks

Edge selection guide

Lamella Edge
We recommend this edge in gravure printing due to its great wiping abilities which provides excellent printing results.
Bevel Edge
An alternative for rotogravure printing due to its combination of printing performance and long lifetime.
Radius Edge
In rotogravure printing this edge is not commonly used but all our doctor blades are available in radius edge.
The best things about Swedcut H7

Swedcut H7 – a long lasting doctor blade for gravure and flexo printing

Case study

Print method
V&H Vista
600 m/min
Web width
1,73 m
100 lpcm
Solvent, white, coverage 30%

Swedcut® H7 improved performance on white ink stations.

Swedcut® H7 performed four times longer printing run with equal quality and settings than a regular coated blade.
White metering White metering
Coated blade 35×0,25 radius Swedcut® H7 35×0,25 radius
Performance in white ink Performance in white ink
1 day ≈ 330 000m 4 day ≈ 1 500 000m


Swedcut® H7 is the solution for the most demanding printing applications due to its long life, outstanding printing performance and good corrosion resistance. Developed by Swedev AB the Swedcut® H7 has a special in-house developed coating. This coating is customized for low friction between blade and cylinder and provides excellent results in most printing applications. This coating is also developed to perform well in half-tone printing.


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