Meet Ryan Sharkey, the President of Flxon, our North American distributor. With over 15 years in the industry (Flxon has been working with Swedev for 27 years) Ryan offers valuable insights into how Swedcut doctor blades can transform your printing operation. In this interview Ryan reveals how Flxon has helped their customers achieve remarkable results with Swedcut blades and discover how the MFlex Plus blade extends blade life in wide web flexo printing, significantly reducing waste and downtime.

Share a story of how Swedcut doctor blades made a real impact for one of our customers
We have examples almost on a weekly basis from helping customers eliminate ink spitting in narrow web, to helping customers eliminate haze in rotogravure. Our most common success stories lately have been with MFlex Plus in the wide web flexo market.  In these situations, our customers are accustomed to changing blades once a day or a few times a week.  With proper settings and MFlex Plus material they can comfortably push to changing blades once a week.  This has a dramatic impact on waste and downtime.

What is the true value of Swedcut according to you?
We are happy to partner with Swedev because the full range of blades are legitimately the best in class. This is because Swedev provides the industry’s best steel at the industry’s tightest tolerances.  Swedev is truly committed to quality and consistency. This gives us confidence when approaching the market.  We don’t have to worry about consistency or quality so we can stay focused on delivering value to the customer. There are many factors that we likely take for granted like how straight the doctor blades are.  You can take two meter long blades from our biggest name competitors, place them side by side lengthwise and see a curved gap between them.  This shows you their straightness isn’t as good as Swedcuts.

If you had to choose just one Swedcut blade, which would it be?
My favorite doctor blade is MFlex Plus. It has been a game changer for Flxon and our customers in the Wide Web Flexo market.  It consistently beats out the competition and is our go-to solution for printers in this market where productivity is of utmost importance.

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