M-Flex Plus
Wear resistance
Printing quality

M-Flex Plus

M-Flex Plus doctor blade for flexo printing is our most resistant steel printing doctor blade. M-Flex Plus is made of remelted steel, ESR (ElectroSlag Remelting) steel. ESR is a process of remelting and refining steel.

This kind of steel is often used when quality is critical since it is a very clean steel with more uniform composition than conventional steels. M-Flex Plus doctor blade is a superb solution for all flexo printing when using abrasive ink and its hardness delivers up to 25% higher wear resistance than other quality tool steel.



Swedish tool steel with high content of small carbides for exceptional wear resistance
For all printing applications and for all types of inks
Higher hardness for longer blade life
25% higher wear resistance than other quality tool steel

Edge selection guide

Radius Edge
The most wear resistance edge. Is most common in flexographic printing with abrasive inks such as white ink.
Bevel Edge
An excellent choice in flexographic printing due to its combination of printing performance and long lifetime. This edge is most common when finer metering is needed.
Lamella Edge
This edge is used in flexographic printing when excellent metering is needed.

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