Swedcut H7, a long lasting doctor blade for gravure printing!


If you are looking for a doctor blade that can handle the most demanding printing applications, Our coated doctor blade Swedcut H7 is the solution for you!

Swedcut H7 has outstanding printing performance and good corrosion resistance. It is perfect for longer runs and it tolerates very high speeds. The innovative coating process of Swedcut H7 is developed here at Swedev, and gives it its golden color. It provides decreased friction which greatly increases performance!


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The three best things about Swedcut® H7

  1. Long life time, which makes H7 an excellent choice in white ink, lacquers and metallics
  2. You will get a perfect wipe during entire blade life
  3. Reduced cylinder wear, thanks to our Swedcut coating
Printing doctor blade for flexo printing

Tips and tricks to optimize your printing

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