Product Selection Guide


Swedish steel has exceptionally high quality. We can completely rely on its strength, which makes it possible for us to deliver precision made, high-class products under the SWED/CUT® brand year after year. Swedev has developed a patented surface coating method in cooperation with highly demanding printers. The coating reduces friction and increases the blade lifetime.

SWED/CUT® Doctor Blades comprehensive product range covers all types of blades, from those made of plastic or composite materials to blades made of extremely high alloyed and corrosion free steel which is then ground, in some cases surface coated and refined for various applications.


We make our products for small, highly demanding niches, where superior results are all that matters. Niche activities place great demands on raw materials, which has led to steel producers specialising in advanced steel grades and products for widely varied areas and specialist products such as Printing Doctor Blades.