Ink Spitting flexo printing

Ink spitting or ink splashing is a common problem in Flexo Printing. The problem with ink spitting usually occurs when printing with UV-ink, which has a viscosity up to five times higher than other printing ink. The high viscosity can lead to back pressure which in turn can lead to ink spitting. The doctor blade has an important function here and below we list both possible causes and solutions that you can use to prevent future problems with ink spitting.

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Ink Spitting flexo printing

4 causes that can lead to ink spitting

  • Doctor blade is too flexible
  • Doctor blade is loose in the holder
  • Doctor blade tip does not match surface of the anilox
  • Incorrect wiping angle, probably too low angle due to high pressure
Mounting flexo printing doctor blade.

5 actions that can solve the problem of ink spitting

  • Replace doctor blade with thicker or stiffer blade
  • Tighten blade holder and check parallelity with anilox
  • Make sure the blade tip match the anilox line screen
  • Make sure blade angle is >30⁰ and you might need to lower blade pressure
  • Check for dried ink or damage on anilox ends
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